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Star Granny Square Crochet Pattern

Here’s a pattern on how to crochet a star within a square. It works great as a granny square! This example is modeled after the Hollywood Star Walk of Fame, as I’ll be visiting L.A. in a couple of days.


  • Yarn (Any size will work, as long as it’s compatible with your hook. I used size 4.)
  • Hook (I used 5 mm)

Star Granny Crochet Pattern:

Row one: (In the color of your star) Create a magic circle (or ch 5 and slst with the first st) and do 10 hdc into the loop, slst with the first st (10 sts total)

After 10 hdc.

Row two: Ch 4, then slst into the second ch from the hook, do 1 sc in the next ch and 1 hdc into the ch after that, skip a st on your circle and slst into the next one; repeat until you have five prongs (Ch 4 again, slip st into the  second chain from the hook, etc.) After you’ve completed the star, slst into the first st. Cut your yarn. (35 sts total, but it’s hard to count.)


Row 3: Using your second color (the color of the square), do a standing triple post in one of the bottom notches of the star (in the back stitch). To do that, holding the tail of your yarn tightly, wrap the other end around your hook three times. Stick your hook into the back stitch. Pull the yarn through. Yarn over and pull through two loops. This leaves you with three loops left. Yarn over and pull through two more loops. Finally, yarn over and pull through the last two loops. If you’re following the diagram that is down below, this triple post counts as a triple crochet. All of the stitches will be worked in the back loops. In the next st, do 1 dc. Then 1 hdc in the next st, 1 sc in the next two sts , 1 hdc in the st after that, 1 dc in the next st, and finally one tc. Repeat until you’ve finished going around the whole star. Slst to the first st (the top of your standing triple post.) Now the star should be inside a circle. Cut the yarn. (36 sts total) The diagram makes more sense if you’re confused.

A visual guide on how to create the circle around the star.
Finished circle

Row 3: This will be last row, and it will turn your circle into a square. Even though you’ll be using the same color as the circle, the yarn was cut because you’ll be starting in a different place. Find the two sts that correspond with the top of one of the points on your star. Count eight sts to the right, including the two corresponding sts. This is where you’ll start the row. Do a standing double post (the same as the triple post, but you only wrap the yarn around your crochet hook twice) in that st. You could also ch 3. Do one more dc in that st. Do 1 hdc each in the next two sts. Do 1 sc each in the next two sts. Do one hdc each in the next two sts. Do two dc in the next st. Ch 2. Do two dc in the next st. Now repeat the same pattern, starting from the dc after the standing post. [So one dc, then 2 hdc (one in each st), then 2sc (one in each st), then 2 hdc (one in each st), 2 dc in one st, ch 2, 2 dc in the next st] The pattern should be repeated four time. Each ch 2 is a corner. For the last time, after you the 2 dc in the same st and ch 2, slst into the standing double post/ch 3. Cut the yarn and weave the end in. You should end up with a granny square with an upright star in it.

I made two!



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