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Handcrafted Hope

Calling all crafty people!!! I have an ambitious project idea, and I want your feedback!

For the longest time I’ve wanted to crochet items to donate to hospitals, and I’m hoping you’re reading this because you feel a similar way. While crocheting on your own is nice and all, I wanted to create an online community dedicated to people who crochet/knit for the purpose of donation. I want it to be place that anyone can use, so not on one particular social media. I also want it to be a community, where people can interact with one another. My ideas are still all over the place, which is mostly why I’m writing this blog post. I want to know what y’all (yes I’m from Texas) think, and any ideas that y’all have.

My first question is the name. Do you think handcrafted hope is a suitable name?

My second question is how big the community would be. Right now I’m thinking it should be for crocheters and knitters, as I don’t want the target community to be too broad.

My third question is the website. Obviously this community would happen on a website, and right now I’m looking into Ning. With Ning, you can make your own social media-type website, where users can post their own content. I think this would be a good format because it would allow us to interact with one each other. You could post patterns, stories about your experiences with donating, and information about local charities. It would also allow us to find people who live in the same area to communicate, and possibly even work together. The only downside of Ning is the cost. I’m not that familiar with the different functions of Ning, but the lowest price per month is $25. Right now, I’m not in the position to pay for it, especially since I don’t know how many people will even use the sight.

Another reason I’m posting this is because I want to know if there is an interest in a website like this. Please comment if there is, as I would love any feedback.

So back to the cost. My idea was to either start a gofundme, or use Ning’s donate feature. I wouldn’t need that much money, just enough to keep the website running.

As you can see, I don’t know what I’m doing. I’ve only recently had this idea, but I really want it to work. Is this a community you’re interested in? Does a community like this already exist? Please let me know!


3 thoughts on “Handcrafted Hope”

  1. I have just started knitting for charity. We have a local organization calling for hats for the city’s school children and I’m making little pet blankets for my local animal shelter. I poked around online to see what is available and there are some efforts out there. If you haven’t looked around online, you may want to do that to see what is there and what niche needs to be filled. There are some charities that collect items at a national level for distribution to partners around the country or internationally; other sites try to link people to local charities. Many of these focus on specific items – blankets or toys for children, preemie hats, chemo hats, squares for afghans, etc.

    To be honest, I love the idea of a website/community but would probably not use a site all that much. Between my own blog, other activities, work, etc. my schedule is packed, so I try to limit the amount of time I spend online. For a while,I was very engaged, but found that I was spending so much time online that I wasn’t getting much else done! Also, a lot of what I knit is very basic, so it’s not overly creative.

    Sorry, I’m not much help! I think it sounds like a great project.


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