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Crochet Amigurmi Chicken/Rooster Pattern

What's a chicken's least favorite day? Fry-day! Bad pun aside, happy Friday! I just crocheted this little dude today, and I can say he's pretty adorable. It took me around an hour to make, but that includes the time I spent fiddling around with the pattern. It's made in continuous rounds, so no slip stitching.… Continue reading Crochet Amigurmi Chicken/Rooster Pattern

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Roujiamo (肉夹馍 )/Chinese Hamburger With Beef Recipe

Traditional 肉夹馍 (roujiamo) is made with pork, but in this recipe I use beef. The reason is that I originally made this recipe (or the bun part) just to use up some left-over beef. Therefore, this recipe will be focused around the making of the roujiamo bun, as that is the traditional part. If you're interested… Continue reading Roujiamo (肉夹馍 )/Chinese Hamburger With Beef Recipe

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Crochet Hand Pie/Pasty/Pierogi Pattern

Originally I was trying to make a crochet dumpling, and I guess it kind of worked? But I thought it looked more like a hand pie/pasty, so I fiddled around with the pattern a bit and changed the color of the yarn to create the hand pies. There are two patterns, one for a hand… Continue reading Crochet Hand Pie/Pasty/Pierogi Pattern

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New Year’s Day Dumplings

It's tradition to eat dumplings, or 饺子 (jiao zi), on Chinese New Year. Although I know today isn't Chinese New Year, I decided to try and make some to celebrate anyways. These are pork dumplings, and I read somewhere that eating pork on New Year's Day is also a thing. This was my first attempt… Continue reading New Year’s Day Dumplings