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Small Crochet Gift Basket Pattern

My dad's birthday is tomorrow, so I decided to crochet him a gift basket. Actually, it was my mom's idea. We were shopping at the mall and decided to pick up a few items from Bath and Body Works for him. Then my mom suggested I crochet him a basket to put the soap/lotion in.… Continue reading Small Crochet Gift Basket Pattern

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Crochet Hand Pie/Pasty/Pierogi Pattern

Originally I was trying to make a crochet dumpling, and I guess it kind of worked? But I thought it looked more like a hand pie/pasty, so I fiddled around with the pattern a bit and changed the color of the yarn to create the hand pies. There are two patterns, one for a hand… Continue reading Crochet Hand Pie/Pasty/Pierogi Pattern