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Crochet Mini Burger Pattern

In honor of my first trip to In-n-Out, I decided to crochet a mini burger. This pattern is very quick and easy, the hardest part is probably just weaving in the ends! Materials: Size 4 yarn (in tan, brown, red, and green) 3.5 mm crochet hook (a larger hook=a larger burger) A very small amount… Continue reading Crochet Mini Burger Pattern

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New Year’s Day Dumplings

It's tradition to eat dumplings, or 饺子 (jiao zi), on Chinese New Year. Although I know today isn't Chinese New Year, I decided to try and make some to celebrate anyways. These are pork dumplings, and I read somewhere that eating pork on New Year's Day is also a thing. This was my first attempt… Continue reading New Year’s Day Dumplings